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Dr.John is an active angel investor for start-ups related to food technology and healthcare. Mostly his preference is to invest in early-stage technology start-ups. He mainly expects to invest in the start-ups which are more disruptive in nature, should have a quick solution to the problem which already exists and how those start-ups are going to overtake the competitors who exist in the market.

To be more efficient enough to find the right start-ups with more information he was looking for a fast and dynamic application to explore all the start-ups at one place.

John says that, even though google is a wonderful platform for many things in this world, it fails to provide the right results when it comes to search for start-ups. As an investor John has spent lot of his time on google research.

He finds many applications like CrunchBase, CBinsights, Skopai and StartupLynx. All These applications saves your time involved with google platform to collect the data where you have to go through random Wikipedia articles to find companies that interests you. He decided to go ahead with StartupLynx to start his research and also he has made a several research test to compare the StartupLynx search and the google search.

StartupLynx is a developed start-up search engine and it helps to identify the start-ups focused on particular technology categories more quickly and precisely.

Below table shows the search run on google and StartupLynx for finding food tech and healthcare start-ups. The result looks like this:

Food Tech
StartupLynx search on food tech start-upsGoogle search on food tech start-ups
Qincho – London’s centre for sustainability and the future of food.Karana – Singaporean Start-up raises $1.7 million for meat substitutes made from jackfruit
Meal hero – It is a Food tech start-up that solves the problem of combining the busy lifestyle with a healthy one.Hunger box – Indian B2B food tech start-up raises $12M from Paytm and others.
Super meat- is an Israeli Food tech that is developing a technological solution to create meat without animal cells.The present and future of food tech investment opportunity.
StartupLynx search on Health care start-upsGoogle search on Healthcare start-ups
Book healthcare – innovative health care service that allows patients to meet their doctor and then book an appointment online.“Ten reasons why health care start-ups fail”
Evidence prime – IT tools for clinical decision support for health care providers.Tech crunch – patient engagement start-up raises $15million from Google’s gradient ventures.
Healthopx – Online platform for care coordination between patients and health care providers.Wikipedia- list of 29 health care start-ups and companies to know.

In the above table, Google is providing more information related to the rising trend and general articles of the start-ups. This is not useful when you are looking exactly for the food tech start-up companies. Even if you go to the website and try to find something, it will have only limited information about the start-ups. It will take a lot of time to read the article and find out the right start-ups. But if you see in the table, StartupLynx provides the name of the start-ups and detailed description about what they are doing.

The screenshots below shows the image of list of companies displayed after you initiate to start your search with a keyword in the search page.

StartupLynx provides you with the list of companies present all over the world with the short description about the company and which are all closely and accurately related to the keywords. The search can further be refined based on geography or using any other particular keyword which you are looking for in the pitch line of the company. User can select the companies from the list and create a radar with the list of those companies. Radar is the collection of all the startups that have been selected from the list. Every radar can also be updated by addition or removal of companies hence very dynamic in nature.

Overall to save more time from finding startups using google and to make the process for investors way more easier, StartupLynx comes as a savior for investors where all the information about different startups are available at one place. This makes investors research process not only less difficult but also more intuitive. StartupLynx application provides investors with instant worldwide competitor vision anytime anywhere in this world and they can extend their portfolio funnel with the daily updated data by the companies. StartupLynx not only saves investors time but also enhance their accuracy.

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