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Modern life is exhausting and extremely unhealthy. We’re working too hard, spending too much time indoors, seeing our friends and loved ones too often, eating awfully and not exercising as much as we can. Yet in the realm of wellbeing, an antidote exists.

Wellness boom isn’t a trend. It’s a realization that mental and physical wellbeing is connected, and that we need to be vigilant about taking care of it. It’s also understanding that there’s profit to be gained to address the challenges that so many of us face in our everyday lives.

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent psychiatric disease in the U.S., affecting 18% of the adult population every day. Despite an increase in mental health issues, particularly among young adults, only 37% are seeking care. This is possibly attributed to the perceived stigma in society.

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The 10th of October is World Mental Health Day. It’s a day where people are allowed to speak up about mental wellbeing and potentially reduce the old tabuism of asking for assistance.

The value of the health and wellbeing sector has soared, now worth a whopping $4.2 trillion and responsible for more than 5% of global economic production. For investors and new entrants alike, this introduces the health and wellness market as a tempting proposal.

East-Meets-West cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore are hubs of health entrepreneurship. After all, many of the principles that underpin wellness beliefs are based on traditional Chinese or Indian practices—yoga, tai chi, meditation,herbal infusions and treatments, and also the simple assumption that what you eat is closely linked to your wellbeing.

Wellness is a fascinating mix of East and West-there is the statistics, the research behind it on the one hand, and then there is the mind and body, the spiritual aspect, and then it’s a perfect match when you merge the two,” says Phillip King, founder and chairman of Varcis Capital, an investor focusing on start-ups in the fields of wellness and sport technology.”

This suggests that in Asia, many homegrown wellness firms have an authentic connection to these practices that are respected worldwide by western customers.

To see what ways there are to transform health into wealth, we take a look at some of these exciting start-ups.

Wellness platforms

Many employers are on board with wellness when they know that it is healthier and more profitable for a balanced workforce. Wellness networks will provide workers with access to a range of resources that are beneficial for the mind and body and eventually minimize the amount of time and money they waste on the doctor. This will lead to reduced group healthcare rates, ensuring that companies can potentially save money in the long term by using these programs. 

CircleCare – Fitness Challenges & Competitions

With the aim of walking away from their offices for just a little break and doing some yoga or other exercises, many firms provide voluntary fitness activities for workers. The concept of involvement is not only about physical activity, but also about increasing the commitment and efficiency of workers. 

CircleCare is a private social networking platform for families.

The US-American startup CircleCare offers businesses with a platform and the resources to inspire workers by positive feedback and incentives to promote a healthier lifestyle. Participants challenge each other or participate in teams, which encourages an increase in the degree of participation and serves as an activity for team building.

The Pip – Stress Management

Wellness involves not only taking care of the body, but also the mind. Mobile apps and platforms offer treatment for issues such as fatigue, depression and anxiety for workers. For setting health targets and their eventual success, users are then frequently rewarded.

Galvanic offers a device, Pip and companion apps to monitor and manage stress levels.

The Pip, an Irish startup, helps users to imagine and treat their levels of stress. The start-up framework consists of an application designed to de-stress, re-focus and learn to handle stress better, and a special Bluetooth-connected device to detect whether a person is concentrated, relaxed or anxious. During the session, these data points impact the score and progress of the improvement. The app then reacts, using both audio and visual input, to the changing stress levels.

eKincare – Health Screenings

Corporate health and wellbeing programs strive to help workers stay well, track their health status, prevent future infections or chronic problems, and overall decrease healthcare costs. This typically entails screenings for wellness, fitness activities, and preventive care.

Personal health record manager and online marketplace for diagnostics test.

With real-time health analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Indian company eKincare is developing a platform. The dashboard offers employers with details on the well-being, future risks, and actionable perspectives of their employees. The scheme also provides health-technology services to medical practitioners, such as telemedicine, e-pharmacy and online booking of health checks.



For our wellbeing, sleep is as critical as eating, drinking and breathing. It enables our bodies to repair themselves and allows our brains rest to consolidate the knowledge they have acquired during the day. Bad sleep causes problems including a weak immune system, obesity, diabetes, elevated blood pressure, cancer, anxiety, depression, and others with it. However, today’s apps and technology offer numerous tools for improved sleep and allow us to monitor and enhance sleep hygiene (light, noise, and temperature in the room, late eating and drinking habits, etc.).

Somnox is specialized in soft-robotic innovation to improve the quality of your night of sleep.

The Dutch company Somnox has developed a non-medical sleep solution that helps patients to sleep. The company has developed a device which has integrated sensors to capture the body’s physical motion based on the data points. The data collected is analysed by an artificial intelligence algorithm that interprets data and provides a customized treatment program. The device then provides a breathing simulation, based on the user’s own breathing behaviour during the night. Additional features include a built-in Bluetooth speaker which can play any song and bedtime stories and stops playing as soon as the user falls asleep and a source which emits light gradually as to wake up.

Self Health Tech

Self-testing packages, applications, and devices have gained interest in recent years. Blood, urine, saliva, or other substance samples may be collected at home or sent to a lab. Screening, diagnosis, surveillance, and more knowledge on the likelihood of developing a certain illness are also provided by the organization. Using so makes it possible to screen more often for deeper insights into personal health and to discover different types of diseases faster.


Egoo, a startup based in Denmark, has developed an app and device offering a home-based blood test to monitor the health. The egoo system consists of the device, capsule, app and a cloud platform. The blood drop is filled into the disposable capsule for biomarker tests; the device measures the content and gives test results; the app synchronizes the data from the device and the data is stored on the cloud platform to get an overview of the health status and history.

Physical Activity

VAY Sports

To extend one’s life, fitness and wellness are a must. Maintaining physical fitness is the greatest obstacle in modern years, when the busy lifestyle of people often prevents or skips required activity. Technological and research advances include premium health and wellbeing services focused on improving the overall quality of life.

In order to provide real-time feedback, the Swiss company VAY Sports is creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered technology to identify and monitor motion during workouts. In order to diagnose bad posture when exercise, algorithms analyze this data and construct a computer model of the body. It thereby lowers the risk of injuries and boosts the performance of workouts.

Mind & Body


There are connections between mind and body, which is why it is important to take care of both. Activities such as deep breathing exercises tend to communicate with one’s body and encourage emotional wellbeing. In addition, practices such as yoga and meditation help to further manage fear and pain while also improving vitality and mood.

IUVeda provides an AI-based well-being app for users.

A start-up based in Bulgaria, iUVeda develops an AI-based mobile app with a comprehensive approach aimed at enhancing the well-being of people through meditation, yoga, and nutrition. The program allows consumers to heal step-by-step from conditions such as burnouts, panic attacks, and depression that may otherwise impact their everyday lives.

Healthy Nutrition

Grow Fit

In order to sustain a healthier lifestyle, good diet and daily exercise are essential factors. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, and other products high in protein, vitamins, and minerals are included in a nutritious menu. In selecting items in a store, special smartphone apps assist consumers by providing them with informative knowledge about ingredients and food value, or even recommending groceries depending on various tastes.

GrowFit offers an online platform for consulting healthcare experts like nutritionists, cosmetologists, and counselors.

The Indian company GrowFit offers an online platform for consulting healthcare experts like nutritionists, cosmetologists, and counsellors. Users can consult with nutritionists, create their personalized diet plan and buy their meal kit from the platform. Also, has an online shop named Grow Shop, for buying healthy meals and groceries.

Health & Heart 💓

Sensoria Analytics is a young startup whose mission is to develop innovative solutions in the field of e-health by exploiting advancements in the field of optics, electronics and microelectromechanical systems as well as artificial intelligence.

Sensoria Analytics is a young startup whose mission is to develop innovative solutions in the field of e-health by exploiting advancements in the field of optics, electronics and microelectromechanical systems as well as artificial intelligence.

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