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The majority of academic institutions have been forced to shut for several months in 2020 to ensure protection for their students and teachers in the midst of an ongoing global health threat.

While a few schools and universities have previously investigated the EdTech market and refined their online learning programs, the huge amount of schools have made their first leap to a simulated learning environment since the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

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There are a number of educational resources that have been created over the last few years and that support distance education. These strategies are not only for students and their parents, but also for teachers and principals who are continually aiming for academic success and constantly pursuing new teaching methods.

The potential of technology also brings many possible use-cases that can span categories and purposes. Technology is a part of life today, and often has parents ruing their children’s screen time. Many kids now choose to spend most of their time in front of a computer or mobile screen, which can be addictive and can act as a hindrance to basic social skills, like communication and team spirit.

COVID-19 has been an inflexion point for the edtech industry. Amidst the pandemic, when many sectors were slowing, numerous startups have successfully raised funding.

You don’t really want your kid to be exposed all the time to a screen. But what if there was a way for both children and their parents to benefit from recent technical advancements?

Not only are the following start-ups pro-kids, they are also pro-parents, and they are changing the relationship between the digital world and families.

Qustodio icon


As the best free parental control app on the internet, Qustodio promises to be no less than your child’s best digital security guard. With it you can monitor the online activity of your children, get information about how they use devices and the internet, set healthy limits, and filter content with which you do not want your child to see or interact. And in an emergency, there’s a panic button your kid can use to call for assistance. With the aid of their device’s location monitoring, you will even find your little one. It’s up to you if you’re going to become an intrusive stalker of a parent who doesn’t give their child an inch of privacy, or whether you can fight the temptation to take advantage of the app and watch their every movement. A helpful tool such as Qustodio could save you a huge amount of time and dispute in any event, and help you protect and track your child in a hassle-free manner. And qustodio has got a free version as well!

Tap tap tales icon

Tap Tap Tales

Children get to discover their favorite cartoon characters with the games created by Tap Tap Tales, from the Care Bears to the Smurfs and Hello Kitty and tap their way through activities produced by professional teachers and educators to strengthen the mental abilities of children and their learning skills while having fun. No ads, no accidental purchases, and total parental control. And the security of the child comes first. And much like big adults, they get to play!

YouMeKids icon


YouMeKids is a wonderful website where you can find lots of recommendations for things to do with kids all over Catalonia if you’re looking for stuff to do together as a family, or trips that you can go on with your children. Take a hike in the woods, explore the caves, have a picnic, go on a forest walk… anything floats your boat. For families living in or visiting Catalonia, they also have suggestions for cultural programs, advice on traveling with children, and lots of other useful material.


myABCKit provides web and mobile-based platform to schools for adaptive language learning to kids from 3 to 7 years old. Teachers can write their own content, upload images, record voices for language learning. Also provides platform for keeping track of the kids’ performance. Available on iOS and android. Focusses on reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.

Babycoach, DoudouCare are the start-ups which support young parents for the education and health of their children.

Analysis of their business model, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.


Doudoucare is the healthcare telecommunication platform dedicated to children. It connects parents and child health professionals to offer them support 7 days a week on daily health issues for their children. By email or SMS in 2 hours flat, they receive personalized responses from child health professionals.

DoudouCare is the healthcare telecommunication platform dedicated to children.


If you have just had a happy event and you want some explanations, Babycoach supports you in your new role as parents: BabyCoach offers listening and support to young parents (who have a lot of questions!), Based on a network of early childhood and childhood professionals (who have the answers!). Their goal is to support parents in their daily stressful situations by helping them gain self-confidence. Also their 100% digital service is offered both to individuals but also and above all to companies. They are a part of the process to support parenting in companies.

Babycoach connects young parents and early childhood professionals


NovaKid is an online tutoring platform that provides personalized English lessons to kids. It enables students to interact with native English teachers in a virtual classroom. Features include flexible timing, individualized lessons, and more. It works on a subscription-based revenue model. NovaKid – an online English school for children. Classes of English with native speakers for children 4-12 y.o. Engaging format of teaching with games and a lot of fun.

Online tutoring platform providing English lessons to kids

Kahoot 2.0

Kahoot is a platform for teachers and students to create quizzes, discussions, or surveys using an online editor that can be played in a classroom using personal mobile devices. Images, video, and other media can be embedded in the quiz. The quiz is held using a projector and student answers using personal mobile devices. The results and the leaderboard are showed on the front projector in real time. Claims to be used by 1M+ students each day in 180+ countries. Has 25M+ monthly active users as of October 2015.

Kahoot is a platform for teachers and students to create quizzes, discussions, or surveys using an online editor that can be played in a classroom using personal mobile devices.


Another crisis cannot be afforded by school institutions around the world. Now is the time to learn and brace the education systems for any unexpected disruptions from the educational problems posed by COVID-19. It would be important to eventually digitize lessons and train teachers and students for remote learning. It is important, though, to ensure that digital acceleration does not intensify entrenched inequalities. As the world enters a unique period in which mixed learning can challenge the world’s education structures, EdTech will help to become a tool for inclusive quality education through resilience and focus on lessons learned.

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