How to find my competitors?

Each and every industry in this world is facing amazing global challenges with fast growing technologies. The growth is unprecedented with the mushrooming of companies all across the world. To enter any field, it is imperative that adequate and proper research be done to arm oneself with all the necessary information so to design and devise the right strategy.

However, the data obesity of the internet coupled with the commercial nature of Search engines could render the process biased and makes discerning the information monotonous.

 For example, if you are looking for startups which are related to combating the food waste and you initiate your search in google with a key word, it will display like a below page with some articles and few startups. But it consumes a lot of time to go into each page and find the right one along with their website you are looking for and also the results on google are not so precise. The only thing you can do in google is to, involve in a complete research which is very time consuming.

Have you thought about using any application that saves your time from complex research process?

What about a “directory”? There are a lot of directories of companies in Internet. But are they most dedicated to a country, or a specific field, and are they updated daily?

So How to have a precise, intuitive, and fresh overview of your competition without spending too much time?

Here StartupLynx comes as your savior to find, track and analyze your startups that are similar around the world. The AI ​​and NLP engine then performs a semantic analysis and immediately propose similar start-ups on an international scale.

You can refine and modify your filter in StartupLynx application but in google it cannot be filtered precisely.

StartupLynx has understood the needs of various stakeholders across the Business starting from Startups to large corporate firms and facilitates the information gathering with qualitative and quantitative specificities of any business or technology sector in the easiest way possible.

If the question you have is “Who are your competitors, what is their portfolio, where are they located, what is their communication strategy” you have come to the right place.

Let’s take for example, you are looking for companies that manage food waste, you open the Startup Lynx ( and after logging to your account, you can enter

“combat food waste”

in the search bar as below..

  1. Startuplynx display:

The results page will display:

  • the list of companies with their name
  • pitch line
  • country
  • number of years in existence

StartupLynx provides you with the list of companies present all over the world which are all closely and accurately related to the keywords.

You can also have a clear overview on startups present in each country based on the 2D and 3D geographic view in the application. These are hyperlinked so as to enable user directly to click and get further information.

  • Put all your potential competitors in the radar:

StartupLynx understands that this is first level information and to enable further analysis, a radar can be formed with the list of companies that you are interested in, by selecting them and clicking on radar…

The application creates the radar and this radar can be saved in your account for all future references. Every radar can also be updated by addition or removal of companies hence very dynamic in nature.

Here below an example of a radar.

The first result is the combined view of all the logos in the radar. These are thumbnails and are hyperlinked to their respective company websites.

  • Discover the active status of your competitors:

The timeline activity provides the user about the information on two dimensions in graphical format.

  1. Duration of their existence
  2. Current status. (active/inactive/undefined)

So far, the research is broad based for a group of companies. However, it is possible to do simple research on a single company by entering the website URL of the company.

StartupLynx also provides an exciting feature for the advanced users to find their competitors very easily in a matter of second. You can just search with an URL, StartupLynx will get the website and use crawled metadata and description fields as inputs to provide results. This often offers good results. But sometimes when the website description is empty or not very useful. In these cases StartupLynx will notify you.

So are you ready to find your competitors ? Subscribe to StartupLynx and find your competitors in a bit.

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