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Why is it good to invest in blockchain ??

Let’s get into the topic!!!

Investments are nightmare, especially to identify if the company we going to invest will give high or low returns. Of course, It is very difficult to make a decision based on people’s recommendations or opinions on the companies. To breakout all your dilemma’s and confusion, StartupLynx presents you the information on why is it good to invest in blockchain and what all the companies toping in the StartupLynx application.

Top companies like Microsoft, Bank of America, Mastercard, IBM, Dell, Google, Hp are worth billions of dollars and they appreciate that investing in the blockchain companies will give them a competitive advantage.

Even though Google is a wonderful platform for many things in this world, it fails to provide the right results when it comes to search for start-ups.

The job to be done

StartupLynx acts as a platform to do your research on any sector and also helps you in finding the promising projects for a stable investment.

To be more efficient enough to find the right start-ups with more information StartupLynx application helps you to explore all the start-ups at one place.

Please do read this article to get more insights on why blockchains are more than just cryptocurrencies and what kind of information StartupLynx provides.

The StartupLynx blockchain sector consist of classified range of start-up’s which includes the early stage companies which is more focusing on strong research, start-ups forming the relationship in term of business with the industrial key players and the growing companies promoting their products and enlarging them into the new market.

StartupLynx provides you with the list of companies present all over the world with the short description about the company and which are all closely and accurately related to the keywords. User can select the companies from the list and create a radar with the list of those companies. Radar is the collection of all the startups that have been selected from the list. Every radar can also be updated by addition or removal of companies hence very dynamic in nature.

To save more time from finding startups using google and to make the process for investors way easier, StartupLynx comes as a savior for investors where all the information about different startups are available at one place. This makes investors research process not only less difficult but also more intuitive. StartupLynx application provides investors with instant worldwide competitor vision anytime anywhere in this world and they can extend their portfolio funnel with the daily updated data by the companies. StartupLynx not only saves investors time but also enhance their accuracy.

StartupLynx keep track of the latest trend in the start-ups world and their associated ecosystems – including venture capital funds, private equity funds and investment banks amongst others.

The below image represent the logos of the blockchain technology start-up’s in different fields. Using the StartupLynx platform, we have picked these 290 companies out of nearly 500k start-up’s, based on the description and the active status of the company.

The search can further be refined based on geography or using any other particular keyword which you are looking for in the pitch line of the company.

The below image represents the 2D image of the blockchain technology startups present all over the world.

Who is investing in block chain technology?

We are still finding out which markets will benefit the most from the blockchain technology. What is definitive, though, is the fact that we can start describing the Blockchain platform today. You couldn’t even describe the internet twenty years ago either. Now you hope you should, but without that you can’t live your everyday life. Which only came about because of the increased investment in all projects and financing. We are just going to see the same exponential growth in support for Blockchain.

We are going to focus on the  ‘Top European Blockchain start-ups’ in this article, a systematized list of the most promising start-ups from Europe which are leading the Blockchain industry.

Top 9 European Blockchain Start-ups

Below are the most promising European start-ups that support and expand blockchain use through their key services and products.

Company nameHeadquartersFoundedFunding amountNumber of employeesNumber of funding roundsCompany status
SettlemintLeuven, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium20165.3M euros11-504Active
Solve.careTallin, Harjumaa, Estonia201730.2M dollars101-2502Active
BankeraVilnius, Vilniaus apskritis, Lithuania2017100M dollars101-2502Active
CoinfirmLondon, England, United Kingdom20162.8M dollars101-2506Active
NeufundVaduz, Liechtenstein20165.5M euros11-502Active
OdemZug, Switzerland20172.2M euros11-501Active
ColendiZug, Switzerland20162.5M dollars11-501Active
ElrondMalta20171.9M dollars11-501Active
DappradarKaunas, Kauno apskritis, Lithuania20182.3M dollars11-502Active
Settlemint: SettleMint is a Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service company (with offices in Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India and Singapore) & was incorporated in 2016 by Matthew Van Niekerk & Roderik van der Veer.
Solve.care: Global blockchain solution for coordination, administration and payments of healthcare.
Bankera: Bankera is an international payment services business, offering solutions to individuals and companies. It is built with a focus on digital businesses; hence it welcomes clients from various digital industries such as affiliate marketing, eCommerce, gambling, cryptocurrency exchanges, P2P finance and others.
Coinfirm: Coinfirm is a global leader in AML and analytics for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Since being founded in early 2016, Coinfirm has created the most powerful AML and analytics engine for blockchain.
Neufund: Blockchain-based platform to offer initial coin offering to startups.
Odem: At ODEM, we believe that education and employment should be universally affordable, accessible, verifiable and transferable. The ODEM Marketplace was developed to directly connect employers, students and educators to put skills and growth at the center stage of today’s global workplace.
Colendi: Cross-border decentralized credit scoring platform using Blockchain technology to provide a secure and democratic service for the fintech world and transforming the definition of banking.
Elrond: Everything changed when the internet transitioned from dialup to broadband. Elrond brings broadband performance to blockchain. Specifically, Elrond brings a 1000x improvement in throughput, execution speed, and transaction cost. It also improves user experience and lowers barriers to entry for network participation through low computational requirements and staking cost.
Dappradar: A list of the best decentralised Ethereum applications.

By the way ! Are you a corporate or an investor looking for an exciting start-ups in a specific targeted market for a potential investment or acquisition? Check out www.startuplynx.fr.
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