Eating insects is healthy for you — and for the world!

The UN estimates that by 2050, if existing developments persist, the world’s population will hit 9.8 billion.

As a result, global demand for food and feed is projected to rise by 70% , by mounting pressure on already over-exploited agricultural resources.

Global demand for meat, in particular, will continue to rise as dietary practices in developed countries alter, due to rapid urbanization and economic development.

The oceans are now overexploited, and climate change would have a profound effect on food production. In the meantime, almost one billion people globally are suffering from severe food insecurity.

One of the potential alternatives is quietly working its way into the public’s attention: feeding insects.

As a supporting statement for the above, A baseline study conducted by World Vision Kenya in August last year showed that over 30 per cent of children under the age of five in Kerio Valley suffer from stunted growth due to extreme malnutrition contributing to high morbidity and mortality rates. However, after porridges started to be enriched with edible insects six months ago, the situation has now changed with almost no death reported in the area.

What could be the alternatives for animal protein?

Currently the proteins produced to feed the livestock comes from the resources which are very harmful and sustainable to the environment and also Livestock farming for meat products places tremendous pressure on global land and water use. These are impacting the environment in many ways.

In order to meet the considerable way of ensuring food security for the future, it is imperative to identify alternative and safe protein sources for both direct human consumption and animal feed. One potential alternative is the insect-derived protein. Insects, particularly fly larvae, have several qualities that make them well suited to animal feed.

As a source for human consumption, The Edible insects consists of:

  • high quality protein
  • vitamins
  • amino acids

Insects have a high degree of nutrient conversion.

For example, crickets require six times less feed than livestock, four times less than sheep, and twice as much as pigs and broiler chickens to provide the same amount of protein. comparatively they emit less greenhouse gases and ammonia than usual livestock. Insects can be grown from organic waste.

There are several startup companies which are developing several products like protein bar, pasta, breads, crisps/chips, insect flour, beers, insect food subscription box etc. These are all made out of the proteins which are all retrieved from the insects.

Humans Eating the insects may not be appetizing but insects are best alternate protein source for animal protein which cannot be ignored.

Insect food for humans

StartupLynx radar about Insect food companies

Do you know?

Venture capital investors are investing funds into Ynsect SAS, a French company that will produce meal worms to feed fish and pets.

The investors include Footprint Coalition, an investment group founded by “Iron Man” movie actor Robert Downey Jr.,

Insects are also better feed for animals/Livestock’s

The below pie chart represents the percentage of livestock fed in the year of 2016.

As per the sources, Only in 2016 the livestock’s are fed with one billion metric tons of food.

Compared to the plant based feed, fish meals and soy for feeding the animals, insects are the attractive best source for high protein animal feed that could substitute for soy and fishmeal in particular, the production of which in the current quantities is clearly detrimental to the environment, and contribute to meeting the ever-growing demand for animal-based products.

Below are the list of Startups providing an eco-friendly and nutritious protein alternative to feed animals.

Insect food for animals

Insect food startups to feed animals

All of these companies not only produce food for the human and animal consumption but also produce several products like oils for industrial application, cosmetics and for any other usages. The excrements and exoskeletons of insects are used as a fertilizer for agriculture.

There are lot of startups developing in this area and proving that technology has a strong presence in insect food industry too.

Now is a perfect chance for investors to get a jump on Insects food Startups early and accelerate the technological development needed to support the future population to be healthier than before.

To get more information on insect food products and the developing startups, Register with StartupLynx and access all the startups for free

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