Never ending Death technology startups

Never ending Death technology startups radar

“The only day where everyone loves you”

Death is the crucial and sensitive topic for many people in this world? Can we avoid it?

At the moment no! But some inventions come close to those featured in dystopian science-fiction series black mirror.

Death tech are not just about the technology for the sake of bringing out new technologies or the innovative ideas. It is all about sorting the problems of people by making use of the power of technology.

Death-tech innovations are changing the norms and redefining the future and startups growing in death technology are changing the way of people think about it.

One thing very common to any countries: Funerals

Funeral arrangements could become very expensive because of traditional behaviors of people towards people according to their culture. For instance, investing in a luxury wood casket or a wonderful tomb stone not every social classes can afford it.

“When we love, we don’t count” is a limited belief in our time.

Organize Funerals is not so easy to do in every country, many administrative tasks, send invitations, make a necrology advertising… It’s basically Undertaker’s companies job.

But do you think that Digital Natives who are used to make everything with digital apps will have the same habits for organizing Funerals? Maybe not…  Maybe Death will be dead so far?

We need definitely to radar Death tech activity for knowing it!

Funeral arrangements could become very expensive because of traditional behavior of people towards people according to their culture and also it is difficult to negotiate the price with the event organizer at the end of event.

StartupLynx an artificial intelligence platform provides you the detailed information on all the startups present worldwide in every fields such as Death Tech

The below image gives you a detailed overview of death tech startups present in the StartupLynx application.

Death tech startups radar

Recently COVID-19 also interrupted funerals and memorials. Events, to the extent that they happen, are often held outdoors, with attendance limited to close family members.   If this change will end post-pandemic, another COVID-19-inspired trend “the online memorial”  is likely to continue.  Even though larger events are back, families will also want online streaming platforms for those who are far away or otherwise unavailable to attend in person.

We have compiled a list of startups in our radar. Some of the more heavily funded include

  • Eterneva
  • Farewill
  • Solace


When people love us physically we need something in a positive way to feel that they are close to us”. In that way Eterneva, a startup company founded in united states which creates and sell diamonds from the cremated ashes of the loved ones.

Eterneva, internet brand of jewellery made from ashes


Farewill, A London-based startup company founded in 2015 comes up with the solution to help the people to create a legally binding will without the burden and high costs of seeing a solicitor. It also provides a “direct cremation” service, where ashes are sent directly to the loved one’s address, which the startup claims that it is 75% cheaper than a traditional funeral.

Farewill is currently available only in U.K. but it has long term plans to expand it to more countries.

Below is the image of Farewill startup in startuplynx application which has been rated as the UK’s best rated death experts.

Farewill, end of life planning


Solace, A new startup which simplifies the cremation services in an easier way. Keith Crawford and David Odusanya are the Ex-Nike leaders and they had re-imagined the funeral experience

Solace Cremation, online platform for booking cremation service

In US, As a result of covid-19, the numbers of start-ups related to death technology have seen a huge transformation in their business in last several months. The death care services which includes everything after death except the will writing is projected to be $102 billion globally this year.

As death is not an easy topic for people, at the same time it is not easy for the start-ups to disrupt in the field of death tech.

Even though thinking about our loved one or our own funeral cost is not our top priority, it’s inevitable that everyone will face it at the end of their life.

There are lot of companies available in StartupLynx application trying to disrupt the funeral industry to the best of its capacity by their

  • reduced costs
  • more productive procedures
  • improved customer support
  • a refreshing shift to obsolete industry practices.

To create your own StartupLynx radars, visit and create your account for free.

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