The best AgTech startups toping the table in European Continent

With the large number of growing startups and with the new upgrades in the machineries and technologies, Agriculture is turning in to a well-advanced high technology industry.

Startups are making use of several technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Robotics and drones to sort various challenges faced by agriculture field.

There is no delightful treat to your tastebuds if there were no technological improvements in the agriculture.

But what exactly an AgTech means?

AgTech – the new technology which follows the process of re-inventing or refining the agriculture process in a more efficient way.

We are in the data era where Iot, Saas, Big data analytics are playing major role in the agriculture field.

The factors impacting agriculture like growth in population, urbanization, change in climate and globalized trade are approached with satellites and software tools among others.

2018 has been the record-breaking year with $16.9 billion funding spread across 1450 investments worldwide.

StartupLynx an artificial intelligence platform provides you the detailed information on all the startups present worldwide in every fields such as AgTech.

The below image represents the radars created with the huge number of growing AgTech startup companies in the startuplynx application.

Agriculture Technology (Agtech) startups companies list

To provide large-scale information on the emerging technologies in the agriculture field we decided to highlight the top AgTech startups in Europe.

Top European startups in AgTech – 2019

In the case of AgTech, we have compiled a list of top European startups leveraging data to ensure the future of food production is secure for technologically skilled farmers.

Top European startups in the field of future food production and technology for farmes in Agtech

FARMDOKFarmdok is mobile, simple and automatic production documentation for agriculture – a farm management system, a field record, field diary! With a smartphone app, a web system and unique GPS driving pattern analysis, the recording costs for the farmers is reduced, the fulfilment of legal documentation obligations simplified and at the same time, a reliable database for the operational decision-making created.  2015
ONESOILDevelops smart platform for precision farming2017
BIOTALYSProvider of protein-based bio-control solutions for food protection2013
POLLENITYProvider of beehive monitoring solutions 2013
EAGRONOMFounded 1.5 years ago by a son of a successful farmer and an experienced software developer, now 31 people team with experience from Stripe, Heap Analytics, Transferwise and ZeroTurnaround.  2016
SENCROPBased in Euratechnologies Lille, the start-up Sencrop develops connected weather stations, coupled with a SaaS platform, that measure and analyse data for farmers, winemakers and arborists.  2016
INFARMDeveloper of IoT-powered indoor hydroponic vertical farms  2012
AUGMENTAAugmenta started its operations at the start of 2017, in Athens, Greece, by George Varvarelis and Dimitris Evangelopoulos, both farmers and embedded systems engineers and offers an Artificial Intelligence based solution comprised of a hardware device and a web platform, to any farmer, anywhere in the world that wants to have the best possible efficiency for every inch of his land and ultimately increase his seasonal net income.  2016
ALZAGRODeveloper of a grain sampling drone for applications in precision agriculture    2018
ELAISIANElaisian is a precision farming service focused on the preservation of olive trees. By a system of algorithms based on a database of agronomic studies, we are able to prevent diseases and to optimize cultivation processes such as irrigation and fertilization.  2016
NOFENCENofence Grazing Technology is the worlds first Virtual Fencing Solution and that was sold first time in 2016  2011
AGROOPTechnological solution for crop monitoring  2014
IFARMProducer and supplier of vegetables  2017
TRAPVIEWManufacturer and supplier of integrated system for automatic pest monitoring and control  2012
VISUALVISUAL farm management platform powered by satellites, sensors and machine learning for a sustainable agriculture. Farm management platform  2014
GAMAYAGamaya addresses the need to increase efficiency and sustainability of large industrial farming, as well as the productivity and scalability of small-holder farming, by deploying the world’s most advanced solution for mapping and diagnostics of farmland.2015
WEFARMWefarm, the world’s largest digital farmer-to-farmer network, lets small-scale farmers  2015

Whether if it is through man-made or natural disaster, food shortage randomly comes without any warning. Recently, in North America, unexpected climatic conditions have caused multiple crop failures.

The threat of climate change facing the world ensures that the production of AgTech has never been more critical in avoiding another deadly catastrophe. This is shown by the surge in funding in the AgTech Startup sector.

In Europe, on average, there are only two startups of AgTech per country. Majority exists in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. In certain cases, there is none at all-so there is a comparatively enormous market, which, if we take the US as an example, is set to explode.

Now is a perfect chance for investors to get a jump on European AgTech Startups early and accelerate the technological development needed to support the future population.

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